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After Jesus, my family, seen in the picture below taken at Cady's graduation last spring, is life's greatest joy for me.


Left to right, our son, Connor, our youngest, just finished his junior year studying geology at Fresno State this year. Chris--Michele and I are celebrating 27 years of marriage this year and getting ready for the "empty nest." It is a little more emotional than we anticipated. In the center, Cady, our second daughter, graduated from Fresno State last May with a degree in art. She studied at Capernwray Bible School in England this year (in a castle, no less. How cool is that!) and is now back working at a local art store. Michele works as the office manager for a water brokerage company and also works for a local engineering firm. Charis, our oldest, lives in an apartment with a friend (who had lived with us for two years). Her degree is in communications, and she works full-time at the same engineering firm where as Michele. 

Growing up in a Christian home in Spokane, Washington, I put my faith in Christ at an early age. Over the years I reaffirmed my faith through rededications and strong discipleship in my local church. I began to sense a call into ministry during my college years. After working several years in the telecommunications industry, I attended Dallas Seminary where Michele and I met. Michele had come from Tennessee after graduating with a communications degree from Bryan College. She earned her Masters in Christian Education while at Dallas Seminary. After my graduation we married and I worked for the seminary while Michele worked for a Dallas-based ministry called "Hope for the Heart". After a couple of years working in Dallas the Lord called us up to my first pastorate back in the Northwest in Yakima, Washington. 

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