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God has gifted me with the ability to see the "big picture" and bring the various teams together to get it done. I'm able to help staff, teams, and volunteers begin with the end in mind and prayerfully reach the ministry goal together.


I love making progress toward what the Lord has called His church to do. Grasping a compelling picture of the future and identifying and implementing the necessary steps that need to be done to get there comes naturally to me. 


Church is a team sport and years of experience have given me the skills to recruit, train, and empower teams of staff and/or volunteers. In great teams, not only does the job get done, but teammates also become friends.


People regularly affirm that I have a special ability to take complex truths and make them understandable, memorable, and doable. People often thank me for "putting the cookies on the bottom shelf" when I preach or teach.  Training groups effectively in ministry skills and practical leadership "how to's comes naturally to me and is regularly affirmed by those I train.


The longer I'm in ministry the more I appreciate the solid Biblical training I received at DTS. Additionally, my own personal study and walk with the Lord lead me to constantly take thoughts, ideas, and conversations through a Biblical/theological grid. 


Years in the trenches of ministry have given me the ability to understand the practical use of technology in ministry settings. I have the ability to see how technology can be used in today's church setting and how it can support effective ministry systems and approaches. 


Developing relationships with those outside the faith and seeing them come to Christ is lifelong passion and practice of mine. I enjoy conversation and relationships with people "outside the Christian bubble". Despite my deep desire that these friends come to Christ I have learned to love and relate without agenda.


I am regularly affirmed in the ability to connect with people that I don't know and help them feel comfortable. I enjoy making connections between others and am told I can do so effortlessly, often with humor.  This expertise holds for a wide variety of people.  


I've learned that I thrive in a crisis (not that I live for them!). But in a challenging situation, I know how to get to the heart of the issue, plan practical steps to a solution and communicate those steps in a way that gives confidence to those involved. 

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